Into My Own: The Remarkable People and Events That Shaped a Life (New York: Thomas Dunne Books, A Division of St. Martins Press, 2006).
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"In this engaging memoir, Kahn looks back at baseball and much more as he presents his episodic reminiscences as free-form essays arranged loosely around iconic figures from his past. In a profile of New York Herald Tribune sports editor R. Stanley Woodward, entitled "The Coach," Kahn elegizes the great postwar newsroom culture of the paper, where he learned to structure a narrative and slip in Milton references. He probes the epochal subject of racism in baseball through homages to integrationist hero Jackie Robinson and his teammate Pee Wee Reese, a white Southerner who literally embraced him. He evokes the 1960s in a kaleidoscopic essay that ranges from a thumbnail sketch of a washed-up Mickey Rooney to impressions of the Goldwater and McCarthy presidential campaigns. A regretful piece on his son's suicide recalls the crazy therapeutic culture of the "Me" decade. Kahn has a graceful, personal style, full of deftly evoked color and characters, with a bit of the newspaperman's hard-bitten swagger and a two-fisted liberalism one doesn't see much anymore." -- Publishers Weekly.

"Having written what is probably the greatest baseball book of all, The Boys of Summer, could have been a detriment to Kahn's career had he not written several other books ( October Men, The Era, A Season in the Sun) very nearly as good. If Kahn has never seemed precisely like one of the sportswriting establishment, it's because he has always restlessly searched the boundaries of sports and literature looking for connections. More often than not, he has found them." -- Allen Barra, The New York Sun.

"Any one who has ever read any of Roger's vast collection of writing knows only too well that he is not merely one of America's great sportswriters, but one of America's great writers period." -- Dave Anderson, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, The New York Times.

"The prolific Kahn is author of The Boys of Summer, a paean to the storied Brooklyn Dodgers and a best-selling classic of baseball literature. While most of his works are partially autobiographical, this new contribution gives us the fullest account of the career of this great sports journalist and writer. Steeped in the classics from an early age by his parents, Kahn has always been influenced by his two great loves, literature and baseball, which is apparent in his choice of heroes. Along with autobiographical details, each chapter provides a portrait of a legendary figure Kahn knew, and these men form an eclectic bunch; discussions of Dodgers teammates Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese, poet Robert Frost, and politicians Eugene McCarthy (also a poet) and Barry Goldwater follow a long first chapter on R. Stanley Woodward, an early sports-writing mentor from the Herald Tribune. Kahn neatly summarizes what these men taught him and Americans generally. This book is set apart from so many superficial glosses by Kahn's desire to tell his own story, warts and all; now happily married, he covers his multiple divorces and the tragic life and death of his beloved son, Roger. Beautifully written and chock-full of telling anecdotes, this book is the story of our times and is likely to be a best seller. Highly recommended for most libraries." -- Paul Kaplan, The Library Journal.

The Boys of Summer (Reprinted, New York: Harper Perennial, 2006).
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(Reprinted, (signed leather-bound) Easton Press, 2006).

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"A work of high moral purpose and great poetic accomplishment. The finest American book on sports." -- James Michener.  

"Not just another book about baseball or a boy growing up to like baseball, but a book about pain and defeat and endurance, about how men anywhere must live." -- Peter Prescott, Newsweek.

"The best baseball book ever written." -- Sports Illustrated.

Beyond the Boys of Summer: The Very Best of Roger Kahn (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005).
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“Beyond the Boys of Summer is about as good as it gets. As a kid I loved sports first and writing second, and loved everything Roger Kahn wrote. As an adult, I love writing first and sports second, and love Roger Kahn even more.” -- Pulitzer Prize winner, David Maraniss.

"Kahn is a giant among sports journalists and this is a fine sampling of his most memorable work. --Wes Lukowsky, Booklist.

October Men: Reggie Jackson, George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin, and the Yankees' Miraculous Finish in 1978 (New York: Harcourt, 2002).
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"Kahn's glittering group portrait paints the Yanks as both goats and heroes, and they are vividly, engagingly, enragingly human in both roles. He can epitomize a player with a single swing of the pen." --Time Magazine.

The Head Game: Baseball Seen from the Pitcher's Mound (New York: Harcourt, 2000).
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"Engrossing portraits of pitching masters, from Candy Cummings, the reputed inventor of the curve ball to Bruce Sutter, the popularizer of the split-finger fast ball. This book is Kahn at his best, which is pretty damn good. -- Ron Fimrite, Sports Illustrated.

A Flame of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey and the Roaring '20s (New York: Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1999).
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"The fact that Jack Dempsey was one of America 's preeminent celebrities in the 1920's was the result of both the man himself and the special decade in which he flourished. That is why Roger Kahn devotes almost equal attention to the two phenomena. Together, they give us a brilliantly written picture of a champion and his era." -- Ring Lardner, Jr.

"Exemplary."  -- Joyce Carol Oates, New York Review of Books.

Memories of Summer: When Baseball was an Art and Writing About it a Game (New York: Hyperion, 1993. Reprinted, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2004).
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"A grand slam. -- Business Week.

"This is a marvelous book. -- Kirkus Reviews.

The Era: 1947-1957, When the Yankees, the Giants, and the Dodgers Ruled the World (New York: Ticknor & Fields, 1993. Reprinted, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2002).

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"Kahn weaved personal information into his rich descriptions of thrilling regular season, playoff and World Series games. And in doing so he endows the players, managers and owners with more dynamic dimensions that any baseball writer of his generation." -- Chicago Tribune.

"Roger Kahn is the best baseball writer in the business." -- Stephen Jay Gould, New York Review of Books.

Games We Used to Play: A Lover's Quarrel with the World of Sport (New York: Ticknor & Fields, 1992).

Pete Rose: My Story/Pete Rose and Roger Kahn (New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., 1989).

Joe & Marilyn: A Memory of Love (New York: William Morrow & Co., 1986).
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Good Enough to Dream (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1985, Reprinted with a new afterword by the author; Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1999).
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"A book to hoist on your shoulders and carry off the field!" -- Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Seventh Game: A Novel (New York: New American Library, 1982).

But Not to Keep: A Novel (New York: Harper & Row, 1979).

A Season in the Sun (New York: Harper & Row, 1977. Reprinted, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1999).
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"Take this down from the bookshelf to hear the soft baseball voices repeating old games in your ear, stories for summer nights or for long winters away from the diamond and the green." -- Donald Hall, New York Times Book Review.

How the Weather Was (New York: Harper & Row 1973).

The Battle for Morningside Heights; Why Students Rebel. Foreword by Eugene McCarthy. (New York: William Morrow & Co., 1970)

"The most important book that has been written on the issue of student unrest."

-- Senator Eugene McCarthy.

The Passionate People: What it Means to be a Jew in America (New York: William Morrow, 1968).

Inside Big League Baseball (New York: Macmillan, 1962).

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